[Interview professeur] Zoe, professeur d’anglais

1. Who are you and what is your career? 

Zoe, professeur d'anglais sur Lingueo

Zoe, professeur d’anglais sur Lingueo

My name is Zoe, I was born in 1969 on the south coast of England, where I spent the first 31 years of my life. I worked in the hotel industry for about 13 years, followed by 3 years in banking, before coming to France.

I decided to start teaching English, after several requests from neighbours and friends and studied hard to obtain my 3 English teaching certificates: TEFL Teacher of English, TESOL Teacher of English Grammar and TESOL Teacher of Business English certificate.

I now have several years of experience in teaching English in schools, in groups and on a one to one basis, including offering assistance with homework etc. and have held English conversation sessions locally. I also teach by telephone and using Skype.

I have been in France since June 2000. When I arrived I couldn’t speak much French; I learnt by living and working with, and talking to, French people.

I know how difficult it is to learn another language, especially for adults and my experiences have taught me how to help others learn my language. I have 3 children who are being brought up to be bilingual …

I love teaching them too!

2. What maxim can describe you the best?

Patience !

3. Let’s talk about one of your hobbies. 

I don’t really have 1 passion! I enjoy lots of things, like reading, gardening, swimming and teaching, but I think I get the most pleasure out of my children.

I am a very proud mother and listening to my children speaking in English on the telephone, with our family in England really motivates me to want to share my language with others.

4. Tell us the funniest story that you had on Lingueo with a student.

That’s easy! One day, at the end of a lesson, I received a call in Skype from one of my Lingueo students, so I answered the call.  No-one there!  It happened 3 or 4 times and eventually I signed out of Skype.

2 days later, I had a lesson with the student concerned and I asked why she kept trying to call me.  She said she hadn’t, so I thought nothing more about it until the next day.  Again, I received a call, which I answered, and this time, the webcam came on – it was a cat!

In the next lesson, I explained to the student that her cat had called me and she introduced the cat – my cat was with me, so we introduced the 2 cats on webcam – it was very funny, but the student learnt a lot of vocabulary related to cats and other animals!

5. Tell us your first teaching experience on Lingueo.

I started working with Lingueo a long time ago, when there was a virtual classroom.  I did a trial run with one of the Lingueo team, which went okay, but the first lesson was a disaster – no sound!  I never found out if it was me or the student – we switched to Skype straight away!

6. Since when have you been a teacher on Lingueo?

I can’t really remember – maybe the end of 2009 or maybe 2010….

7. According to you, what are the greatest advantages of Lingueo?

I would rather talk about the advantages of teaching and learning online…

For students it is convenient; they can take a English lesson at any time in a familiar environment (at home), so they are more relaxed and receptive. There are no transport costs, so this type of learning is generally much cheaper and more easily accessible.

For teachers it is more convenient because they can also stay in a more relaxed environment, they have easy access to the internet for lesson materials etc… and again, there are no transport costs.

But, most importantly from my point of view, is that working from home means I am always here when my family need me.

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