[Interview professeur] Michele, professeur d’anglais

Découvrez l’interview exclusive de Michele, notre professeur d’anglais qui nous raconte son parcours et ses anecdotes lors de ses cours d’anglais sur Skype.

Surprise pour vous l’interview de Michele est totalement en anglais, ce sera l’occasion parfaite pour vous de vous entraîner à lire la langue de Shakespeare ! Enjoy!

1. Who are you and what is your career? 

Michele, professeur d'anglais sur Lingueo

Michele, professeur d’anglais sur Lingueo

I have been teaching English since 2005 and have taught in Japan, The USA, France, and now in Ireland. I am an American citizen living outside Dublin, Ireland for three years now. I earned my teaching certification in The USA in 2007 and my CELTA here in Dublin in 2012.

I currently teach both adults and young learners (ages 12-17).

2. Can you describe yourself? 

I have always enjoyed speaking to people of all ages and from all over the world. Teaching feels natural for me, as I’ve always tutored and encouraged others since I was in primary school!

Basically, I’m friendly, fair, organized, and patient.

3. Let’s talk about one of your hobbies. 

I love singing and doing yoga. My best experience in music was performing in the Pensacola Opera Chorus in 2006-7; I just loved the costumes and music!

4. Tell us the funniest story that you had on Lingueo with a student. 

One very fun training I remember was with a young learner, only ten years old. We were practising vocabulary describing food, so I brought the real foods and spices to the computer with me.

We created mimes for descriptions as well, like for sweet and spicy. The student was so animated and enthusiastic! I will never forget it!

5. Tell us your first teaching experience on Lingueo. 

I had an extraordinary experience when I first joined Lingueo because I had a training with Benoit Chaignea! Of course, I think I was more nervous than him eventhough English is my first language!

6. Since when have you been a teacher on Lingueo? 

I have been part of the Lingueo team for two years now and have enjoyed seeing the platform improvements on the site as well as with Skype. I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to meet many students from age 10 to retirement, from pilots to professors and engineers to nurses.

It’s been wonderful thus far; I feel quite lucky!

7. According to you, what are the greatest advantages of Lingueo? 

Lingueo provides truly convenient, authentic practice for language study. As every training is face-to-face and one-to-one, I see trackable progress in fluency, vocabulary, and structure and very importantly: in confidence.

The Lingueo site is easy to use, organized, and a great way to share documents and resources. Also, of course, Lingueo suits anyone as you can study at home, from the office, while away on holidays or a business trip; Lingueo is accessible anytime/anywhere!!

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