[Interview professeur] Graciela, professeur d’espagnol

1. Who are you and what is your career?

Graciela, professeur d'espagnol sur Lingueo

Graciela, professeur d’espagnol sur Lingueo

I am a well educated, outgoing person with an infectious enjoyment of life that penetrates all social and working environments. I hold an extremely positive outlook and strive to make good relations in all aspects of my life. I have focused on developing my interpersonal skills, which in turn has satisfied my desire to help others. I consider my greatest asset my personality, to help and build relations with those around me.

I have 20 years experience as a credited and educated professional with multiple degrees in teaching from Universities in England, California, Florida and Argentina. I led the translation team making “Saving Rachel” by John Locke, a #1 Top 100 Best Selling Paid Kindle eBook a reality for Spanish readers across the globe. I am the Founder and Principal of the American British Institute that teaches all levels of English for all standards of examinations.

I teach all levels of Spanish to tourists and professionals who require a second language for travelling and working purposes.

I am a Certified English and Spanish teacher. I have been teaching English for 15 years now and run my own language school in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I started teaching Spanish online 7 years ago. When I teach Spanish, I feel that not only do I help students communicate but also help them understand the Spanish culture. How do I achieve this?

By using Spanish videos, Spanish songs and even Spanish articles to show students how to use the language learned in a natural and real environment! Come and join me in this wonderful and unforgettable experience!

 2. Let’s talk about one of your hobbies.

I love traveling around the world! I love visiting new places, talking to locals, learning about cultures and food and having great adventures!

3. Tell us your first teaching experience on Lingueo.

My first teaching experience on Lingueo was awesome! My first student was from Lille and from the very first class we had a very good communication and understanding. That was in 2011 and he is still taking classes with me BUT at a native speaker level now!

4. Since when have you been a teacher on Lingueo?

Since 2011 and I am planning to continue being a teacher on Lingueo for many years more!

5. According to you, what are the greatest advantages of Lingueo?

It gives me the opportunity to teach students not only my native language but also the Argentinian and the Latin American culture! It also gives the student the possibility of learning a language at his/her own pace with a native speaker from the comfort of his/her home, reducing expenses and saving time.

In summary, it is an excellent way to learn a language without any disadvantage!

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